YouTrack Standalone 2018.1 Help

Custom Localization Repository

YouTrack lets you localize the user interface even if your desired language is not available "out-of-the-box".
The Localization Tutorial explains how you can do it.

We created the YouTrack Custom Localization Repository in GitHub to collect custom translations of the YouTrack user interface and share them with the community. If you have created a custom localization for your YouTrack installation, you are welcome to contribute to the repository. Upload your files and submit a pull request!

To use a custom localization in YouTrack

  1. Access the localization repository.

  2. Click the Clone or download button, then select the Download ZIP option.
    • The youtrack-l10n-master ZIP archive is downloaded to your computer.

  3. Extract the files from the archive to a folder in your local directory.

  4. Create a directory to store localization files on your server. You can assign the directory whatever name you like. For example, l10n.

  5. In the unzipped archive, locate the subdirectory that contains the localization files for your desired locale. Translation files for custom localizations are located in the youtrack-l10n-master\translations folder.

  6. Move the folder from your local directory to the directory on your server.

  7. Stop your YouTrack server.

  8. Run YouTrack with the Java start parameter jetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translations, which points to the folder that contains the custom localization.
    • If you run YouTrack as JAR file from the command line, the command should look something like this: java -Djetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translations=/home/vadim/youtrack-l10n -jar youtrack.jar 8080

    • For ZIP and MSI installations, set the jetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translations parameter. For instructions, see Configure JVM Options.

Last modified: 7 March 2019