YouTrack Standalone 2018.1 Help

YouTrack Workflow API

The @jetbrains/youtrack-scripting-api package includes a collection of modules. These modules provide the custom functions, methods, and constructors that let you reference and update entities in YouTrack. They also define the properties that are available for each entity.

This API uses a versioning scheme that informs you from which version of YouTrack extended functionality is available.

  • For objects, methods, and properties that require a specific version of YouTrack or later, the earliest minimum version (including build number) is provided.

  • For features that have been deprecated, the latest supported version is shown.

The workflow API itself is available from YouTrack version 2017.3.

The following modules are available:




This module contains functions that let you work with dates and times.


Contains definitions for the entities in YouTrack that are accessible to workflows.


Contains definitions for objects and classes that exchange and transfer data over HTTP. The main class is Connection.


This module contains functionality for sending email messages. These messages are independent from the notification scheme that is used for subscriptions to issue updates in YouTrack. All of the components for these email messages are defined in the parameters for the function that is supported in this module. However, the messages are still sent by the SMTP server that is connected to your YouTrack installation.


This module contains functionality that lets you search for issues in YouTrack.


This module provides support for a specific string utility from the standard Java library. All of the other methods that you can use to work with strings in workflows are taken from the standard JavaScript library and behave as described in the MDN documentation.


This module contains utility functions that display workflow-related messages and warnings in the user interface.

Last modified: 7 March 2019