YouTrack Standalone 2018.3 Help

General Profile Settings

The General tab displays the attributes that are stored in your Hub account and lets you set your personal preferences for YouTrack.

Hub Account

Your YouTrack user account is managed in the JetBrains Hub service. This service handles login requests and allows access to features based on the permissions that are granted to your user account. The Hub service can either be built into YouTrack or managed externally.

The first item that you see on your YouTrack profile page is a link to your Hub account. This link opens your user profile page in Hub, where you can update your profile and contact data. For more information, see Hub Accounts.

profile Hub account

The following attributes from your Hub account are displayed on the General tab of your profile page.



Full name

Displays your full name. This name is shown everywhere your account activity is displayed in YouTrack.


Displays the username or email address that you use to log in to YouTrack.


Displays the image that is stored as your avatar in your Hub account.


Displays the address that is used to send you notifications by email. This attribute is only displayed when you have entered an email address in your Hub account. If email notifications are disabled for your YouTrack server, a message is displayed on the page.
  • To test the connection, click the Send test email button.

  • To update your email address, click the link to access your Hub account.


Displays the account that is used to send you notifications over Jabber. This attribute is only displayed when you have entered a Jabber account in your Hub account. If Jabber notifications are disabled for your YouTrack server, a message is displayed on the page.
  • To test the connection, click the Send test Jabber message button.

  • To update your Jabber ID, click the link to access your Hub account.

YouTrack General Profile Settings

The General tab also displays the settings that let you manage your personal preferences for timezone, display language, and date presentation.

Profile general settings

The following settings are available:



Local time zone

This set of controls determines which time zone is used to present date values in YouTrack. Click the Guess time zone link to automatically detect your time zone.


Determines which language is used on the user interface in YouTrack. For consistency across the application, the language that is used in search queries, commands, and custom fields is set at the global level. The page headers, menus, and controls are displayed for your account in the language that is selected in this setting.

Date format

Determines which date format is used to enter and display date values that are stored in custom fields.

First day of week

Determines which day starts each week in calendar controls.

Workspace Options

The Workspace options let you customize your personal YouTrack experience.

profile workspace settings

The following options are available:



Expand exception stack traces

Determines whether stack traces that are added to the description of an issue are expanded or collapsed by default.

Show fields pane on the left

When enabled, the sidebar that displays custom fields is displayed to the left of the issue details.

Suggest applying commands silently to a batch of issues

When enabled, the dialog that suggests adding comments silently to multiple issues is suppressed. This option is only supported when you have permission to apply commands silently in the project.

Allow other users to see my online status

  • When enabled, your online status is shown next to your comments in the activity stream. While you are online, your status is represented by a green dot next to your full name. When you log out of YouTrack, the status indicator is dimmed. This helps other users see when you are logged in to YouTrack and can discuss an issue in the comments thread.

  • When disabled, the status indicator is always dimmed.

Show absolute dates

Replaces relative dates in the user interface with absolute values. Recent events that would otherwise be shown to happen just now, an hour ago, or similar are shown with the exact date and time.

Many users find it easier to calculate the amount of time between events at a glance when the dates are presented in the same format. If this applies to you, enable this setting.

Connected Profiles

If your YouTrack installation is connected to an external Hub service, the Connected Services panel is shown to the right side of your profile. This panel contains direct links to your user profile in other JetBrains applications that are connected to Hub.

Profile connected service

Even though Hub itself is a connected service, the link to your Hub account is not displayed in this panel. To access your Hub account, click the Hub account link at the top of your profile.

Last modified: 7 March 2019