YouTrack Standalone 2020.3 Help

Introduction to YouTrack

JetBrains YouTrack is a web-based issue tracking and project management platform. YouTrack is optimized for developers and agile teams.

  • Manage issues from creation to completion and track anything you and your team work on.

  • Organize your efforts and set up your projects to track issues on your own terms.

  • Write workflows to adapt the application to match your business logic, not the other way around.

  • Use time tracking to monitor and report time spent on different projects and types of activity.

  • Find issues fast with search queries that use the same code completion features found in JetBrains IDEs.

  • Update issues wherever you work with commands that you apply directly in YouTrack or add to commit messages in a connected version control system.

  • Plan and prioritize your product development on an agile board.

  • Generate reports that let you collect and summarize meaningful bits of information.

  • Build dashboards to monitor activity in all of your projects.

For an overview of the key features in YouTrack, watch this demo:

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Last modified: 28 October 2020