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Saved Search

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Save a Search Query

In YouTrack you can save a search query for future use.

To create a saved search:

  1. Execute a search request and click the Save search link below the search box.
  2. In the Save Search dialog, enter a name for the saved search.
  3. If needed, edit the default settings:

Available saved searches are displayed in the side panel in the Saved Searches list. A saved search that is pinned is always shown in the Saved Searches list. A pinned saved search is also added to the list of available search contexts.

Execute a Previously Saved Search

Adding a saved search to YouTrack lets you quickly display a list of issues that match preset search criteria.

To execute a saved search:

  • Enter saved search: in the search box, select the name of a saved search from the completion list, and press Enter.
  • Select the saved search in the sidebar or from the Issues drop-down menu in the main navigation.
  • If the saved search is pinned, select the saved search in the Search Context drop-down list.

Share a Saved Search

When you create a saved search it is private. It is only visible to the user who saved the search query. YouTrack lets you share a saved search with a group at two levels:

  • visibility — the saved search is visible to all members of the selected group.
  • editing — all members of the selected group can edit or delete the saved search.

To share a saved search:

  1. Open the Edit Saved Search dialog.
  2. Select a group in the Visible for group drop-down list to set the visibility.
  3. Select a group in the Updatable by group drop-down list to make the saved search available for editing.

Pin a Saved Search to the Sidebar and Search Context

YouTrack lets you pin or hide a saved search in the sidebar. This option lets you customize the list of saved searches.

The following saved searches are pinned by default:

  • Saved searches that were created by you (both personal and shared).
  • The predefined saved searches Assigned to me, Commented by me, and Reported by me.

For more details, seeCustomize the Sidebar.

Edit a Saved Search

You can modify the search query for a saved search at any time.

To edit a shared save search, you must be a member of the group for which editing is enabled for the saved search.

To edit a saved search:

  1. Move the pointer over the saved search in the sidebar and click the pencil icon.

    — The Edit saved search dialog opens.

  2. Modify the query and settings.
  3. Click the Save button.

Delete a Saved Search

If you no longer want to use a saved search, you can delete it from YouTrack.

You can only delete saved searches that you created yourself.

To delete a saved search:

  1. Open the Edit saved search dialog.
  2. Click the Delete saved search button.
  3. Click the OK button to confirm the action.

Last modified: 2 February 2017