YouTrack Standalone 2021.3 Help

Command Grammar

This page provides a BNF description of the YouTrack command grammar.


<CommandList> ::= <Command> ( <Command> )* <Command> ::= <Comment> | <Value> | <LinkCommand> | <TagCommand> | <AttributeCommand> | <MultipleCommand> <Comment> ::= 'comment' <LinkCommand> ::= <LinkType> <IssueId> <TagCommand> ::= 'tag' (<TagName> | <NewTagName>) | 'untag' <TagName> <StarCommand> ::= ( 'unstar' | 'star' ) [ <Username> ] <AttributeCommand> ::= <Attribute> <Value> <MultipleCommand> ::= ('add' | 'remove') (<Value> | <LinkCommand> | <MultipleAttributeCommand> ) <MultipleAttributeCommand> ::= <MultipleAttribute> <Value>

Grammar is case-insensitive. 

For a complete list of command attributes, see Command Reference.


FixedSet the value of the State field to Fixed.
relates to IS-007

Add a relates to link to the issue with the ID IS-007 in the selected issue.

A relates to link is also added to the issue with the ID IS-007.

star meStar the issue for the current user.
add affects 1.0Add to enumeration "Affected versions" version 1.0.
tag TodoAdds the 'Todo' tag to the selected issue.
remove tag TodoRemoves the 'Todo' tag from the selected issue.
state To be discussedSet the value of the State field to To be discussed.
Last modified: 15 September 2021