YouTrack Standalone 2021.3 Help

Manage Permissions

On the Permissions tab, you can manage the permissions that are assigned to each role.

Roles permissions tab

Use the following controls to search for and manage permissions in each connected service:

ApplicationSelect an application to display the list of permissions that are specific to an application. You can manage permissions separately for each connected service that is associated with the application.
Filter permissionsEnter an attribute in the Filter permissions input field. The permissions list is restricted to the entries that match the filter criteria.
Grouped by

Use these controls to group the permissions list by entity or operation.

  • Group by entity to find all of the permissions that are related to a specific entity in the service. For example, the ability to work with an issue in YouTrack.

  • Group by operation to find all of the permissions that are related to a specific operation. For example, the ability to read, create, update, or delete various entities in the service.

Reset to defaultReset the permissions to the default configuration that is defined in the connected service.
DetailsShow or hide the details sidebar. The sidebar displays a description of the selected permission as well as the entity and operation that are related to the permission.
Last modified: 08 March 2021