YouTrack Standalone 2018.2 Help

Configuration Parameters

The following list includes all of the YouTrack-specific Java start parameters.

To learn how to apply these parameters when you start YouTrack, see Configure JVM Options.

General Parameters

You can set the following parameters for any YouTrack installation.

ParameterData TypeDefault ValueDescription
root.emailemail addressemptyChanges the current email address that is set for the root user account.
root.jabber Jabber accountemptyChanges the current Jabber account that is set for the root account.
jetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword BooleanfalseRestores the password for the root user account to the default value root. email addressyoutrack-feedback@jetbrains.comSpecifies the email address that is used as the mailto address for the Contact support link on the error screen.
jetbrains.youtrack.overrideRootPassword stringemptySets a new password for the root user account.
jetbrains.youtrack.disableCheckForUpdate BooleanfalseEnables and disables checking for software updates on startup. When set to true, checking for software updates is disabled.
jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.detachModified BooleanfalseDetaches all workflow rules from projects except for the default workflows that have not been modified in any way.
jetbrains.dnq.textIndex.minPrefixQueryLength integer3Sets the minimum length of a prefix query string to a set number of characters. If prefix queries and wildcard strings do not return all matching word forms in a search query, set this value to 2. Setting this system property affects the performance of your YouTrack server. The lower the value, the slower the performance of your server.
jetbrains.youtrack.mailLimit integer0Sets a daily limit for the number of email messages that are sent with the issue.sendMail() method in workflows. When set to 0, there is no limit. The default value for YouTrack InCloud instances is 100.
jetbrains.youtrack.event.merge.timeoutlong60000Sets the amount of time YouTrack waits to compile changes that are applied to an issue as a digest before sending an email notification, in milliseconds.
  • Reducing this value increases the rate at which YouTrack analyzes notifications and can have a negative impact on general server performance.
  • Increasing this value from the default (one minute) can reduce the overall number of notification emails that are sent by YouTrack. string/dashboardSets the default start page for your YouTrack server. Enter a relative path to your base URL with a leading slash.
jetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translationsstringemptyPoints to a directory on your server that contains files for a custom localization.

Authentication Throttling Parameters

The following JVM options let you configure how rate limits are applied to failed authentication requests. To protect the security of your application, the default values for these settings are undisclosed.

ParameterData TypeDescription
jetbrains.hub.auth.login.throttling.enabledBooleanSets the status of the throttling feature for the Hub authentication module. When true, authentication throttling is enabled.
jetbrains.hub.auth.login.throttling.sizeintegerSets the maximum number of IP addresses that are tracked for rate limiting.
jetbrains.hub.auth.login.throttling.failuresintegerSets the maximum number of consecutive failed requests that are allowed before rate limitations are applied to incoming requests from the tracked IP address.
jetbrains.hub.auth.login.throttling.cooldown-valueintegerSets the number of entries that are removed from the counter for each IP address at the interval that is specified for the cooldown period.
jetbrains.hub.auth.login.throttling.cooldown-period-secintegerSets the interval at which entries are removed from the counter for each IP address, in seconds.
jetbrains.hub.auth.login.throttling.white-listcomma-delimited stringDefines the list of IP addresses that are not tracked for failed login requests.

Proxy Server Parameters

The following JVM options let YouTrack connect with third-party services through a proxy server:

http.proxyHostThe host name of your proxy server.
http.proxyPortThe port number that the proxy server listens to.
https.proxyHostThe host name of your secure proxy server.
https.proxyPortThe port number that the secure proxy server listens to.
http.nonProxyHostsA list of hosts that YouTrack accesses directly, bypassing the proxy server.
  • Delimit multiple hosts with a vertical bar.
  • Use the asterisk as a wildcard character to specify a pattern.
The list of non-proxy hosts can be used with both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. If this property is not set, all traffic is routed through the proxy server.
Last modified: 20 July 2018