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Represents a change in the issues attribute of an IssueLink entity. That is, each issue has the links attribute that contains an array of IssueLink entities. Each of them represents a link between the target issue and a collection of issues. For example, a set of issues to which the target one is linked as "Duplicated by".The change in the list of these issues is represented by LinksActivityItem entity.

Extends MultiValueActivityItem

This table describes attributes of the LinksActivityItem entity.

  • To receive an attribute in the response from server, specify it explicitly in the request parameter fields.

  • To update an attribute, provide it in the body of a POST request.





Array of Issues

The list of issues, from which links to the target issue were removed. Read-only.


Array of Issues

The list of issues, to which links to the target issue are added. Read-only.

Last modified: 17 July 2019