YouTrack Standalone 2021.4 Help

JAR Installation

The YouTrack JAR distribution is available for download on the JetBrains website.

YouTrack JAR has the package structure similar to ZIP and MSI distributions, and also incorporates the web-based Configuration Wizard.

This is a cross-platform distribution. You can use YouTrack JAR to install and run YouTrack on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The procedure for installing YouTrack with this distribution is similar for all operating systems.

To install YouTrack Standalone with a JAR distribution:

  1. Download the JAR distribution from the JetBrains website.

  2. Upload the JAR distribution to your server.

  3. Run the application from the command line.

  4. Configure the application in the web-based Configuration Wizard.

Installation Options

A YouTrack JAR distribution can be set up in a variety of server environments. The following topics provide specific instructions for installing and running the JAR distribution different operating systems:

Run YouTrack JAR

Run YouTrack Standalone with the following command:

java -jar youtrack-<version>.jar [JVM options] [host:<port>][/contextPath]

The following options and variables are set by default, and you do not need to set them explicitly in the command line:

-Xmx1024m, -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=350m, -ea, -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError, -XX:HeapDumpPath=..\logs, -XX:ErrorFile=..\logs\hs_err_pid%p.log, -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8, -Dorg.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.maxFormContentSize=5000000, -Dorg.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.maxFormKeys=10000, -Djetbrains.http.request.header.buffer.size=50000, -Djetbrains.http.response.header.buffer.size=50000,

By default, you do not need to specify explicitly any options or parameters in the command line. However, you may set values for the following variables in the command:



JVM options

The JVM options that are set when when the YouTrack instance is started. Each JVM option must be prefixed with either --J (ad-hoc option) or -J (persistent option). For example, --J-Xmx2g specified in the command means that on this particular start of the service, the allocated memory will be increased to 2Gb. On the next start, if you do not provide this option, the size of allocated memory will be reset to the value from persistent configuration file.


The listen address of your YouTrack server. The default value is


The HTTP port number of your YouTrack server.


The context path of your YouTrack instance. A context path is a prefix on the path portion of a URL. This path routes requests to the proper webapp when more than one webapp is hosted on the same server. By default, YouTrack service is deployed on the root (' /') context.

When you set the contextPath, you can run YouTrack with the context other than the default path. Here are a few command examples with various URI configurations for different YouTrack servers:

java -jar youtrack-2019.1.12345.jar java -jar youtrack-2019.1.12345.jar --J-Xmx2g --J-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=450M 8080 java -jar youtrack-2019.1.12345.jar --no-browser 8080/youtrack java -jar youtrack-2019.1.12345.jar java -jar youtrack-2019.1.12345.jar

When you start YouTrack, the application opens in a browser. If you do not have a web browser installed on the host machine or do not want the browser to pop up, use the --no-browser flag right after the jar file name in the command:

java -jar youtrack-2019.1.12345.jar --no-browser 8080

For a complete list of YouTrack-specific JVM options, see Configuration Parameters.

Once your YouTrack service is up and running, you may want to set up projects and access rights, import issues from another tracker, or fine-tune the server environment. For more information, check the topics in the See Also section below.

Last modified: 08 March 2021