YouTrack Standalone 2020.5 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of the changes that are available in this version.

New Features

The 2020.5 release is specifically dedicated to upgrading our workflow engine and officially discontinuing support for legacy workflows. This release version doesn't include any new features or other major updates.

Updates and Enhancements



JavaScript Compatibility Updates for Workflows

We've migrated our JavaScript language execution runtime to GraalVM. This ensures nearly complete compatibility with the ECMAScript 2020 specification (sometimes referred to as "version 11" or "ES11") in YouTrack workflow scripts.

Field Value Consistency Checks

We've added a tool that lets you check for inconsistent sets of values for custom fields in your projects. This tool can help you resolve problems with missing issues in search queries and errors when applying commands.

Experimental Features




We're currently working on an interface that lets you import issues and articles from external sources. When finished, this feature will replace our preconfigured import scripts that rely on Python.

Discontinued Features



Legacy Workflows

We officially discontinued support for any workflow that was written in the external YouTrack Workflow Editor in our 2019.3 release. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts to supporting workflows in JavaScript and offered tools and assistance for migrating old workflows to the new model.

In YouTrack 2020.5, the logic that supported legacy workflows has been removed completely. As a result, any legacy workflow that is still attached to a project in YouTrack will stop working.

If you still rely on legacy workflows to support your business processes, migrate them to JavaScript and attach the updated workflows to your projects. For details, see Converting Old Workflows to JavaScript.

Old YouTrack REST API

We have provided documentation for all of the public endpoints in our new YouTrack REST API. The old REST API is officially deprecated. We will discontinue support for the old REST API later this year.

If you have an existing application or integration that uses the old API, we encourage you to migrate your applications to the new API. The new OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is a great tool to help you get started. If you have any questions or require additional support, join our YouTrack Community in Slack.

Last modified: 17 November 2020