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IntelliJ IDEA Pro Tips

Smart Completion is aware of the expected type and data flow, and only offers options relevant to the context. To use it, press Ctrl+Shift+Space. If you press the same keys a second time, you’ll see more results, including static members and call chains.

Search Everywhere can navigate you to any item in your source code – from databases and actions to elements of the user interface and more – in a single action. Double-press Shift, and then enter a search string.

Postfix Completion lets you transform an already typed expression to another one based on the postfix you type after a dot.

If you left-click a breakpoint or press Ctrl+Shift+F8 on it, you'll see and be able to manage its options. Enter a Java Boolean expression into the Condition field to make the breakpoint stop only when this expression is true.

Most components in IntelliJ IDEA (including both tool windows and pop-ups) provide Speed Search. This feature allows you to filter a list, or navigate to a particular item by using a search query.

New to IntelliJ IDEA?

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