Intelligent coding assistance

IntelliJ IDEA is focused on raising your productivity by providing instant and clever code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, easy project navigation and reliable refactorings.

Smart completion

The IDE analyzes the context and suggests the best completion options, with no additional action from you. With IntelliJ IDEA, you can code faster than you think.

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Safe refactorings

You can safely call refactorings for any statement. IntelliJ IDEA will take care of applying the corresponding changes to every piece of code related to the change.

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Code navigation

Jump to any class, file or symbol, or even tool window. It only takes one click to switch to the declaration, super method, test, implementation, and usages.

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Inspections and quick-fixes

When IntelliJ IDEA finds any inconsistency in your code, or an opportunity to improve it, it suggests the best options to fix it. Just select one of the offered options to apply it to the code.

Built-in tools and integrations

To streamline your workflow, IntelliJ IDEA offers an unbeatable toolset right from the first start—no plugin hustle included.

Build tools

IntelliJ IDEA provides seamless integration with Maven, Gradle, SBT, Grunt, Bower and other tools for building, testing, running, packaging and deploying your applications.

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Testing & coverage

IntelliJ IDEA provides a unified interface for running tests and measuring code coverage. You can export any of your test or coverage results to share them with your team.

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Version control systems

Unified support for Git, SVN, Mercurial, Perforce and other version control systems helps you manage local changes and apply complex branch operations.

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Database tools

Access Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and other databases right from the IDE. IntelliJ IDEA helps you edit SQL code, run queries, browse data, and alter schemas.

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Server-side frameworks

IntelliJ IDEA provides extended support for the most popular server-side JVM frameworks and technologies out of the box.

Spring & Java EE

IntelliJ IDEA detects Spring and Java EE specific XML configuration files and annotations in the codebase, and provides extended coding assistance. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with enterprise application servers.

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Grails & Play

While IntelliJ IDEA is an easy choice for any Groovy or Scala project, it also offers advanced support and coding assistance for developing web applications based on both Play and Grails frameworks.

GWT & Vaadin

IntelliJ IDEA provides native support and advanced coding assistance for developing, running and debugging web applications based on GWT and Vaadin frameworks.

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And more…

IntelliJ IDEA supports many other important JVM frameworks and technologies including Hibernate, Guice, FreeMarker, Velocity, Thymeleaf, Struts, and more.

Front-end development

In addition to server-side languages and frameworks support, IntelliJ IDEA offers first-class support for web and mobile development.


IntelliJ IDEA provides the same coding assistance and integrated toolset for developing Android applications as Android Studio, the official IDE for Android application development from Google.

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JavaScript & HTML

IntelliJ IDEA provides first-class support for JavaScript, HTML and CSS, as well as their modern successors. Take advantage of advanced coding assistance for React, AngularJS, and other JavaScript frameworks.

Many languages—one IDE

Frequently called the most intelligent Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA also provides similar levels of code assistance for many other languages and platforms.


IntelliJ IDEA comes bundled with a set of productivity boosters and integrated tools for efficiently editing, running and debugging Groovy code. Enjoy first-class support for Spock, Cucumber, and other Groovy frameworks.

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IntelliJ IDEA with its dedicated plugin for Scala is hailed by many professionals as the top choice IDE for Scala development. Enjoy intelligent coding assistance with native support for SBT, ScalaTest and specs2.

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IntelliJ IDEA offers advanced developer experience and productivity boosts for developing pure Kotlin and mixed Java-Kotlin projects. The built-in converter will help you migrate your existing Java code to Kotlin.

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Many more…

While IntelliJ IDEA is a polyglot IDE itself, it's also an open platform for building tooling for any technology. Among IntelliJ IDEA plugins you'll find support for Clojure, JRuby, Node.js, and many others.

Plugin ecosystem

IntelliJ IDEA has a robust plugin ecosystem with more than 1500 available plugins. If you are going to write your own plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, we warmly welcome you to add your tools into our repository.

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For JVM and Android development


For web and enterprise development
Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin
Android ?
Maven, Gradle
Decompiler, Coverage, Task management
Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS
Perforce, ClearCase, TFS
JavaScript ?
Java EE, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails
Other frameworks ?
Database Tools, SQL