Ant and Maven Integration

Maven Integration

IntelliJ IDEA tightens the development team cooperation with the support for Maven builder by importing the entire IntelliJ IDEA project form pom.xml files, executing arbitrary goals and providing the smart coding assistance for editing Maven pom.xml.

  • Dependency graph
  • Dependency graph
  • Create and modify Maven pom.xml files with assisted editing, code completion, inspections and quick-fixes, refactorings and other IntelliJ IDEA productivity-boosting features
  • Import IntelliJ IDEA project from Maven pom.xml file with automatic artifacts download
  • Import Maven projects to IntelliJ IDEA
  • Execute arbitrary Maven goals before or after make or run/debug, or by invoking an assigned keyboard shortcut.
  • Creating a new Maven project from archetype with new Maven Project/Module wizard. Maven Create From Archetype
  • Resource filtering with built-in Make.
  • Manually added libraries and modules dependencies support.
  • Completion of artifacts' groupId, artifactId, version, exclusions, based on downloadable repository indices.
  • Code completion for plugin configuration. Maven Completion Plugins
  • Add Maven Dependency Quick Fix for unresolved classes in java code.
  • Parent and dependencies generation in pom files with Alt+Insert. Maven Artifact Seaarch
  • Improved navigation between modules and pom dependencies with Ctrl+B.
  • Improved configuration for Web, JavaEE and EJB facets.
  • New automatic configuration for Flex, Groovy and GWT facets.
  • Support for Web Overlays.

IntelliJ IDEA lets you create projects directly from Maven descriptor files, enabling you to quickly switch to your selected development environment.

Ant Integration

IntelliJ IDEA incorporates and closely integrates the popular build tool Jakarta Ant. With this integration you can:

  • get a detailed view of any build file in the specially designed Ant tool window
  • screenshot
  • execute particular Ant targets, assign custom shortcuts to them, or tune IntelliJ IDEA to automatically execute targets before/after compilation or running
  • type/maintain your code in build files with higher productivity and minimum errors, thanks to the unique Ant-aware code completion/error highlighting:
  • screenshot

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