Smart Code Completion

IntelliJ IDEA offers the most intelligent code completion for all supported languages, including Java, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, SQL, PHP and many others. The IDE analyzes the context and suggests the best completion option, with no additional action from you. With IntelliJ IDEA, you can code faster than you think.

Instant Completion

Instant code completion means you get a suggestion without doing anything. Completion choices appear just as you type. This type of completion speeds up coding significantly.

Instant Completion

Injected Code Completion

IntelliJ IDEA recognizes other languages inside string literals and provides code assistance for them too.

Injected Code Completion

Other Completions

There are a lot of other completions supported in the IDE for completing punctuation, statements, paths, suggesting variable and constant names many others.

Check also The Top 20 Features of Code Completion on DZone for more details.

Advanced Completions

IntelliJ IDEA provides multiple completion techniques based on the context and user needs.

While basic completion helps you complete names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords within the visibility scope. Smart completion, on the other hand, suggests only those types that are expected in the current context.

Smart Completion

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