ActionScript, Flex & AIR

IntelliJ IDEA is ideal for ActionScript, MXML and CSS development, with on-the-fly code analysis, completion, navigation, advanced refactorings, code generation, UML diagrams, UI designer, interactive debugger and profiler.

On-the-fly Code Analysis

Code analysis is performed on the fly, as you type, and highlights potential problems right in the editor. Convenient quick-fixes are provided for most problems.

Running & Debugging

Run and debug applications right from the IDE. The debugger provides conditional breakpoints, smart step into, watches, expression evaluation and many other features.

Debugging AIR is possible on an emulator or on an actual device.

AIR & AIR Mobile Support

Build, package, deploy, sign, run and debug Flash applications for AIR and AIR Mobile platforms.

Live Templates

The live templates saves you from tedious typing by using abbreviation instead. You can use default templates or define custom ones.

Code Completion

IntelliJ IDEA offers unparalleled code completion for variables, classes, metadata, style names, file paths, and almost anything else you could think of.

Navigation & Usages Search

IntelliJ IDEA helps you navigate and search your code effortlessly, no matter how small or big your project.

Flex Design View

GUI designer for Flash and Flex lets you instantly preview user interface layout and component appearance.

UML Designer

UML Designer enables you to easily analyze classes and packages, as well as make corresponding changes in the code by simply modifying the diagram.

Maven Support

IntelliJ IDEA provides Flexmojos project setup from a pom.xml file.

Advanced Refactorings

IntelliJ IDEA enables you to make major refactorings in only a few keystrokes including:

  • Copy and move for classes and packages
  • Rename for classes, packages, functions, variables, etc.
  • Introduce variable, field or constant
  • Extract method
  • Inline variable
  • Move static members
  • Pull members up
  • Push members down
  • Extract interface or superclass
  • Extract delegate
  • Change method signature

Flash Profiler

With the built-in profiler, you can inspect bottlenecks and memory leaks in Flash-based applications.

Unit Testing

Create, run and debug unit tests on methods, classes and packages with FlexUnit. See the results in the IDE, and jump to test definition or error line.

CSS Editor

The editor provides completion, validation, navigation and documentation lookup for CSS selectors and properties in ActionScript, MXML and CSS files.