IntelliJ IDEA natively supports development of Web applications with Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
GWT 2.x versions are fully supported including the latest one.

Watch the GWT Basics Demo for more information and getting started with GWT in IntelliJ IDEA.

GWT-Specific Inspections and Quick-Fixes

By natively integrating GWT support through all its productivity-enhancing features, IntelliJ IDEA provides you with the best environment for efficient AJAX development. GWT-aware inspections let you easily spot GWT-specific problems in your code and get rid of them on the fly, with a rich set of quick-fixes.

GWT New Inspection


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GWT-Aware Advanced Coding Assistance

IntelliJ IDEA's famous smart coding assistance brings GWT coding to a whole new level of quality and speed. Go To Declaration, Find Usages and Rename actions for GWT-specific references, support for native GWT methods, plus smart, DOM-based, browser-aware code completion is combined with GWT-aware syntax and error highlighting.

GWT Advanced Coding Assistance


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Integration with GWT compiler

IntelliJ IDEA integrates with the GWT compiler and allows you to define run configurations to start GWT applications in Hosted Mode. This helps you efficiently debug GWT applications directly from within the IDE, with all of its debugging capabilities available.


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Automatic Creation of GWT Components

If you opt so, IntelliJ IDEA can automatically create GWT components, including modules, entry points, remote services and serializable classes.

GWT Component Creation


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GWT-Ready Internationalization (i18n)

IntelliJ IDEA includes the complete support for i18nizing GWT applications, with coding assistance and automatic refactorings.



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