Play Framework

IntelliJ IDEA offers advanced support and a lot of productivity-boosting features for the latest version of Play Framework for both Java and Scala, allowing you to develop, run and debug applications efficiently directly from the IDE without other tools.

Scala Templates

The editor provides outstanding code assistance for editing Scala Templates, including syntax highlighting, navigation, search, code analysis and code completion.

Play Assist


IntelliJ IDEA recognizes routes file and provide corresponding assistance, including navigation and on-the-fly code analysis.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In addition to Scala and Play Framework, IntelliJ IDEA includes the best editor for JavaScript, HTML and CSS with support for all cutting-edge frameworks. More info »

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Getting Started

Find how to get started with Play Framework in IntelliJ IDEA with our tutorial.

Run and Debug

Run and debug Play applications directly from the IDE. The debugger provides conditional breakpoints, smart step into, watches, expression evaluation and many other features.

Debug Play Application

Database Tools

IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects SQL queries within Scala code and provides additional assistance. With more than advanced tools you can edit and run queries, browse table data and edit table definition. More info »

Database Tools for Scala

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