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The Most Intelligent IDE for Scala Development

While IntelliJ IDEA is frequently called the most intelligent Java IDE, now it provides similar levels of code assistance and developer tools for Scala as well.

Support for Scala is available for free in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition via a separate plugin.

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Check out these tutorials on how to use IntelliJ IDEA for developing Scala and Play Framework applications.

What's New in IntelliJ IDEA 13

  • Built-in support for SBT
  • Code rearranger
  • Methods equals() and hashCode() generation
  • Type information on mouse hover

Features Overview

Productive Coding

Productive Coding

Focused on developer productivity, IntelliJ IDEA offers the most intelligent code assistance that spares you from the tedious routine and saves your time.

  • The smartest code completion
  • Profound navigation
  • Advanced and safe refactorings
  • Language injections

Quality Tracking

Quality Tracking

With IntelliJ IDEA's powerful tools for static code analysis, you can find probable bugs, locate dead code, detect performance issues and improve code structure without typing or executing the code.

  • On-the-fly code analysis
  • Programming with intentions and quick-fixes
  • Shared inspection profiles
  • Custom inspections

Integrated Tools

Integrated Tools

IntelliJ IDEA includes amazing set of tools which work out-of-the-box and make development more productive.

  • Support for Maven and SBT
  • Built-in support for JUnit, ScalaTest and specs2
  • VCS tools with Git, GitHub, SVN and others
  • Java to Scala converter

Scala for Enterprise

Scala for Enterprise

If you develop real-world enterprise applications, IntelliJ IDEA is your best choice thanks to it's outstanding support for the cutting-edge web frameworks and database tools.

  • Support for Play Framework 2
  • HTML5, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS3, LESS, etc
  • Database tools and SQL support

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