Seamless Framework Integration and Configuration

When creating a new project IDEA lets you configure Tapestry libraries — you can point the IDE to their location on your disk. Alternatively you can just ask IntelliJ IDEA to download all necessary libraries from Maven repository, which is very comfortable.

Once you create the project a Tapestry-enabled module is created with required package structure and web.xml content.

Easy Navigation for Tapestry

You can easily navigate from tag names/attributes to corresponding Tapestry entities.

You can easily navigate between the template and the class of a component, a page or a mixin.

There are actions to create components, pages or mixins in their proper locations.

Tapestry Property Expressions Support

IDEA enables completion & resolve for Tapestry Property Expressions. These expressions can be placed in interpolation braces ${} and be present in bare form in attribute values. Both forms are supported by IDEA, the latter supported via language injection.




You can configure colors and fonts for Tapestry-related tag names and attributes using IDEA's settings dialog.