Tasks & Context Switching

IntelliJ IDEA provides facilities to set up your workflow according to the issue tracking procedure accepted in your team. You can bind your account in an issue tracker to your project, and work on it in the discourse of tasks and contexts.

Issue Tracking System Integration

IntelliJ IDEA supports integration with YouTrack, JIRA, Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Redmine and Trac issue tracking systems.

To configure synchronization between an issue tracking system and IntelliJ IDEA choose type of server and enter credentials. IntelliJ IDEA will automatically synchronize the tasks.

Configure Servers

You can also specify commit message template. IntelliJ IDEA will put corresponding task information into the placeholders for each commit.

Tasks & Context Switching

Once issue tracking system is configured, you can create or open existing task. IntelliJ IDEA will automatically switch the context.

Context includes active changelist, open editors, project view state, run configurations and break points. Switching between contexts lets you always focus on activities associated with the task you a working on at the moment.

Open Task Dialog

Contexts may be also managed independently from tasks. You can clear, save and switch contexts manually.

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