XML/XSL editor

There is simply no better choice when it comes to editing XML files than IntelliJ IDEA- probably the best XML editor around. No matter whether you are working with just an XML resource, or an XML descriptor (for example, ejb-jar.xml), IntelliJ IDEA gives you almost infinite possibilities in XML programming, being an excellent XML viewer, XML parser and even XSL/XSLT editor.



More than 50 new XML and XSL-aware refactorings with bundled Refactor-X plugin

  • Rename tags and attributes
  • Wrap and unwrap tags
  • Replace attributes with tags and vice versa
  • Convert tags to attributes
  • Safely add and remove subtags and attributes
  • And more


XML/XSL breadcrumbs active bar

Fast XML/XSL navigation with the active breadcrumbs bar

Error highlighting


XML Schema Documents (XSD) support

Generate XSD from XML instances and vice versa.

XML code completion according to DTD or XML schema

Code completion in XML

When an XML file provides a reference to a DTD or XML schema file, IntelliJ IDEA analyzes that file and honors the document structure defined by it, so that it can correctly suggest tags and attributes during code completion.

Error highlighting in XML code according to DTD or XML schema

Error highlighting

Knowing the DTD or XML schema file that defines the allowed structure for the current XML file, IntelliJ IDEA can detect structure violations, wrong tag names or attributes and highlight them in the editor instantly. IntelliJ IDEA also highlights common XML parsing errors, like not closed tags or not quoted attributes.

Code completion of XML tags, according to existing file structure

XML code completion

The code completion feature is highly useful for XML programming even in files that do not reference any DTD or XML schemas. IntelliJ IDEA analyzes the current file structure and suggests using already used tags and their attributes in the code completion lookup lists.

Advanced XML viewer

XML structure view

With the XML Structure View organized in a convenient tree, you will be able to easily review your current file structure as well as quickly navigate to any tag in your XML code no matter how complex the file structure.

XML Code Formatting

IntelliJ IDEA also supports code formatting for XML files (just like it does for all other file types). It will turn an unformatted or ill formatted XML document into good-looking readable form, all with a single key-stroke.

Since version 6.0 IntelliJ IDEA also supports the structural search and replace for XML files.


Smart XSL and XPath code completion

IntelliJ IDEA code completion fully understands XSL-specific elements:

  • User-defined variables, template and stylesheet parameters xsl Completion Vars
  • Axes
    xsl Completion Axes
  • Functions
    xsl Completion Funcs

XSL and XPath syntax and error highlighting

IntelliJ IDEA highlights XSL and XPath functions, attributes, variables and other elements as well as document errors.

xsl Inspection

Instant quick-fixes for spotted problems

A number of on-click quick-fixes is available for common XSL code problems.

xsl Quick Fix

XPath-based search for XML files

You can use XPath queries to find the information in XML and XSL files. Query editor offers the complete coding assistance.

Find Xpath

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