Shortcuts used in the tutorial

In this tutorial we saw an overview of the support for Maven projects in IntelliJ IDEA, and some tips for working effectively with them.

Some helpful shortcuts mentioned in the tutorial and video:

NamemacOS ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Load Maven changes⇧⌘ICtrl+Shift+O
Add a new dependency from inside the pom.xml file⌘NAlt+Insert
Search everywhere (can use this to open the Maven Tool Window)⇧⇧Shift+Shift
Find action (can use this to open the Maven Tool Window)⌘⇧ACtrl+Shift+A
Recent files (can use this to open the Maven Tool Window)⌘ECtrl+E
Run anything (can run Maven commands from here)⌃⌃Ctrl+Ctrl
Open Preferences/Settings dialog⌘,Ctrl+Alt+S

There are links to more information on this tutorial's introduction.

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