Space Data Retention Policy

Version 1.0, effective as of December 9, 2020

JetBrains s.r.o. is committed to protecting our systems, our information, and our customers’ information. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that necessary records, documents, and personal data (“Data”) are adequately protected and maintained, and to ensure that, when Data is no longer needed by JetBrains or is of no further value, it is discarded at the proper time. This policy defines the retention requirements for customer data in JetBrains Space, and it applies to all JetBrains employees or contractors working on behalf of JetBrains.

This policy impacts relevant Space infrastructure systems containing data that belongs to Space users.

Data retention for customer data in Space

The customer is in full control of the customer data stored through the JetBrains Space service and has the ability to remove data manually or request that JetBrains remove data accordingly.

Upon your request, JetBrains will make your data available in an industry standard format for download free of charge. Except as otherwise agreed or required by applicable law, the customer will have 30 days to download such data before it is deleted and, thereafter, all such customer data (including backups) will be cycled out of the Space systems and deleted within 120 days (“Data Retention Schedule”).

Retention Requirements

  • JetBrains will retain or destroy data files in compliance with the retention periods stated in the Data Retention Schedule.
  • The retention periods provided in the Data Retention Schedule are intended to be as short as possible to minimize the volume of Data while still complying with legal, contractual, and/or operational requirements. Records will be kept only for the period stated in the Schedule and will be destroyed or discarded upon expiration of the stated retention period.

Safeguarding of Data

Measures will be taken to ensure that the information can be accessed by authorized users during the retention period (both with respect to the information carrier and the readability of formats) and to ensure that the information will be stored in accordance with its classification level. For Space internal systems, the Space team is responsible for the storage of data.

Disposal of Data

As data expires according to the Retention Schedule, the data will be deleted, shredded, or otherwise destroyed in accordance to its classification level.

The Space team for relevant business and Space systems is responsible for the disposal of data.

Policy Enforcement

The management of JetBrains is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy and will assist with the protection of Data.

Any employee found to willfully or intentionally violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.