JetBrains Community Contributor

We created the JetBrains Community Contributor program to support the outstanding professionals who enjoy building applications with JetBrains tools and sharing their knowledge with the community.

JetBrains Community Contributor


For program participants, we will run online & offline events and hackathons, share useful content, and provide a deeper look at how JetBrains tools are being developed! This is our way of showing our appreciation and recognition of their efforts.

The JetBrains Community Contributor program currently covers .NET tools and plugin development for JetBrains Marketplace. More products and technologies will be added in the future.

.NET Community Contributors

Once a year, we recognize outstanding members of the .NET community with a token of appreciation. These are typically software development professionals who use our .NET products in their daily work and are ready to share their knowledge with others.

JetBrains Marketplace plugin developers

We recognize the most committed members of the plugin developer community for their devotion to plugin updates, contributions to plugin development tooling and SDK docs, and the help they provide to the rest of the community.


We’re open to any suggestions and requests, so please feel welcome to offer your contribution or ask for help from program members. To get in touch with us, send an email to

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