How JetBrains tools
help your business

Wide range of tools

We create tools that cover every aspect of your development team’s workflow, including project management, coding, debugging, static code analysis, unit testing, code coverage analysis, bug tracking, code review, continuous integration, deployment, and performance and memory profiling. Most of our tools are extensible and provide integration options, so you can create your own development ecosystem based on your needs, goals, and processes. For example, our IDEs integrate out of the box with popular version control systems, build automation tools, unit testing frameworks, and issue trackers.

All major technologies covered

Working with multiple environments and platforms is so common today, which is why we offer high-quality tools for .NET, Java, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, among others. Whenever developers have to switch technologies or work in a multi-platform setup, JetBrains tools help ease the learning curve by providing a familiar development environment across languages and platforms.

Encouraging code quality

Built-in code quality control helps developers adopt good coding and design practices. As problems are discovered before they ever cause trouble, you get clearer, more maintainable code bases, highly reliable applications, and savings of time and money. JetBrains ReSharper, for example, provides up to 1,500 instant code inspections, helping to detect possible exceptions and bugs, inadequate architecture, or use of dubious language constructs.

JetBrains tools assist you in following uniform conventions and standards across your team or organization. This helps to significantly improve your overall productivity, by allowing all team members to better understand code and work more efficiently together.

Early support for new technologies

At JetBrains we are committed to providing the quickest support for the latest technologies, to help you plunge into new markets or improve your development processes. We are quick to implement support for new languages and frameworks that help your developers become as productive as they can be with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Why choose JetBrains?

Flexible licensing policy and bulk discounts

All JetBrains desktop tools are available under a subscription-based licensing model that allows you the greatest flexibility: you can get a monthly or yearly subscription for one product or for all tools with the All Products Pack. Every yearly subscription comes with a perpetual fallback license that allows you to use a certain version of a product even without an active subscription. You can qualify for a 20% discount on the initial price when extending a subscription for the second year, and a 40% discount for the third year and onwards.

The product subscriptions can be easily managed and distributed inside your company and team through the JetBrains Account. Perpetual licenses for our team tools come with free updates for 1 year and an option to extend an update subscription at a discount.

Listening to our customers

Customer feedback is vital for us, and we actively seek and act upon it. Time and again our customers are amazed at just how quickly we implement their suggestions.

Comprehensive customer support

You can be sure to get quality support for JetBrains products. All our tools offer detailed documentation, reference materials and guides. If you have a question, you can get quick, helpful and responsive email support at any time, no matter how many licenses or what license version you own. If you require training, we can arrange on-site training or remote, webinar-based sessions for your team. Our online resources such as community forums and public issue trackers are available to submit your bug reports and feature requests or discuss product functionality with JetBrains developers and other users. We’re also listening to you on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Industry recognition

JetBrains developer tools are trusted by Neflix, Citibank, Twitter, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, NASA, and 170,000 other companies worldwide, including 431 on the Fortune 500 list. Our products have been honored with over 30 top industry awards including:

  • IntelliJ IDEA, the most intelligent Java IDE, received the JOLT Productivity Award for coding tools in 2015.
  • ReSharper, our Visual Studio productivity tool, has won Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Award 6 times.
  • PhpStorm, the PHP IDE, was named a winner of InfoWorld’s 2016 Technology of the Year Award.