1024 Programmer’s Day
IDE++ Double the happiness!

Great tools could often bring more return on efforts. JetBrains Toolbox with its refracting, code completion and debugging received high reputation popularity among more than 6 million developers all around the world.

Now it is Oct 24th again, a day that all programmer's worth celebrating. Let the greatest tools bring you the greatest develop experience. Start from now, join the campaign and double your subscription period, double your productivity double your code quality and double your happiness!



promotion period:

SET IDE subscription period = 1 year

SET COUPON-CODE = “JetBrains1024”

IF Purchase Date BETWEEN 2019.10.24~2019.10.31 && TYPE == "Personal User" THEN

IDE subscription period ++


How to use the discount?
New Purchase Annual subscription
Personal customer can use the coupon code to purchase a new annual subscription.
Customer go to JetBrains Store and click “Buy” on the selected product
In the Order Checkout page make sure you have the correct annal subscription and apply discount code
  • Make sure the “Subscription” type on the top of page is selected “Annual” and the product info shows “Personal annual subscription”.
  • Click the link “Have a discount code?” and input the code JetBrains1024
After coupon applied now the subscription period should include price for first year subscription and a free second year subscription.
Fill in you personal info and payment option
Click agree terms and conditions and Pay your order

Done! License will be delivered within two hours. Please check the License Certification email and start using your license. How to get my license FAQ

Participate now!

Renewal, Upgrade or Downgrade
Personal customer who wish enjoy the special promotion on renewal existing subscription will need to submit a quote request to JetBrains.
Customer login to JetBrains Account website and select correspond action:
  • Renew existing product subscription: click “Renew subscription”.
  • Upgrade to All Products Pack: click “Upgrade” link
  • Downgrade to single product subscription: click “Downgrade” link and select product name
In the Order Checkout page click the link "request quote" at the top to go to the special quote request page.
In Request Quote page double your request is renew one full year subscription
  • Make sure the “Subscription” type on the top of the page is selected “Annual” and the product info shows “Personal annual subscription”.
  • Make sure the subscription period is one full year. If it’s less, you should have the option to click “Renew for 1 year”.
Click agree terms and conditions and Submit Request. System will send a quotation and purchase link to you via email.
Please use the purchase link in email to complete payment for this one year renewal before 2019/10/31. It is not yet including the free one year subscription, later we will send a coupe according to your renewal.

Done! On 2019/11/1 JetBrains sales will start sending one year free subscription coupons to orders that are qualified and completed above steps.

Participate now!

Promotion Details

Individual developers who purchase a personal annual subscription on their own found, including new purchase and renewal, may enjoy this special discount.

The new purchased subscription and extra offered one year subscription are for the same product. And will be active immediately after the purchase. You can not hold this license for later.

To participate the campaign, you need to go to JetBrains.com and purchase with this promotion code. After the payment, you will receive an activation confirmation email within 2 hours. You can follow the steps in email to start your activation.

Future subscription will follow the current subscription statutes. For example: if you purchased two years' subscription, next year you are able to enjoy the 3rd year's discount.

The campaign are available for Mainland China, Hong Kong ,Macau, and Taiwan. This campaign is implemented by our European headquarter, so we cannot provide local Commercial Invoice, but we will provide international invoice.

You can not get this offer via resellers.

If you have any question, please contact Chinese speaking sales via sales.cn@jetbrains.com or send us a message via JetBrains official WeChat account.