by JetBrains

Deliver quality software faster

Meet the fully-managed CI/CD solution that automatically runs your builds and tests, and provides instant feedback on every code change.

Let your team perform at its best


VCS integration

You push a new feature or update a dependency, and your VCS triggers TeamCity to run the build pipeline.

Build and test automation

TeamCity orchestrates all activities related to your builds and tests, in a smart way.

Real-time feedback

The results of your builds and tests are reported in real time, so you can iterate quickly and ship new features faster.

TeamCity is a fully managed solution, so you don’t need to worry about running and scaling it.

TeamCity screenshot

Is there a failure in your pipeline?

TeamCity can:

  1. Show you what failed as soon as it happens
  2. Pinpoint the root cause and suggest whose fault it might be
  3. Assign somebody to investigate the failure

Is your build pipeline all green?

Great! TeamCity can:

  1. Merge the change into the master branch
  2. Deploy your application to a staging or production server
  3. Run custom scripts