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JetBrains at
Web Summit 2019

Come visit us at booth E127 in hall FIL 1

November, 4-7: Altice Arena, Lisbon

JetBrains is a global software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers and teams.

Over 15 years we have built up a product catalog which now consists of 24 products, including award-winning tools such as Intellij IDEA and ReSharper, and programming languages such as Kotlin.

What you will learn at the booth

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For companies and individuals

Whichever technology you use there’s a JetBrains tool to match

Looking for a tool that fits your / your company’s technology stack, or seeking ways to improve productivity and code quality? Find a perfect tool.

All Products Pack

Don’t wanna choose? You don’t have to! Use all our desktop products for one price under a single license - get access to over 11 tools including Intellij IDEA and ReSharper Ultimate. Save around $2,000 per license over purchasing all of the products separately. Upgrade your existing subscriptions to All Products Packs to benefit from the ‘all you can eat’ license.

Pricing and Discount

Choose monthly or annual (qualify for a perpetual fallback license), individual or corporate subscriptions and receive 20% and 40% continuity discounts for timely renewals. Benefit from perpetual licenses and free updates for our team tools licenses such as TeamCity or YouTrack. Startups can benefit from a 50% discount on all products.

Your online JetBrains account

Access and manage all your licenses via your individual or company's online JetBrains account. Access your purchase and order history. Identify expired and outdated licenses, order new licenses and upgrades.

License server

Use licenses on a floating basis - replace your standard, end user based subscriptions with a flexible licensing model. Support your growing user base seamlessly, without the need to manually issue and revoke subscriptions individually.

True up billing/Pay per use

Used in conjunction with the JetBrains License Server - set a minimum license usage threshold with additional “overage” flexibility. Eliminate over-purchasing and license our products according to your company’s needs.


Align the end dates of multiple subscription licenses to have them all expire on one date - ease of license management and future renewals - maintain the same renewal/expiration date per year.

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For Developer Community

Are you working on a non-commercial open source project or organizing a local tech meetup? We can support you with free licenses for JetBrains tools. Visit us at the booth to find out more details!

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For Education

JetBrains provides free Educational license packs for students and faculty at universities, colleges, and high schools. So if you are learning how to code, hit the ground running with the professional developer tools – free.

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