MPS Professional Support

JetBrains provides its professional support services to those, who would like to leverage our extensive knowledge of MPS and experience with building Domain Specific Languages.

JetBrains offers you:

  • Training and coaching for MPS
  • Commercial support for the MPS platform used in custom products
  • Designing MPS-based solutions
  • Commercial development of custom features within the MPS platform

Please contact JetBrains MPS support with your inquiries. We'll be happy to assist you on your way to MPS.

If you are looking for professional on site support and consultancy to help you get started and develop DSLs with MPS, we can additionally provide consulting and coaching through our partner itemis.

Itemis is a German consulting company who has a lot of experience with Domain Specific Languages, and MPS. Specifically, Markus Völter, who works as an independent consultant for itemis, has gained significant experience with MPS and can help you get started.

Partner with MPS

Let's be partners! Tell us more about your project: where you are located, which field you work in and what MPS features and bugs are critical to your business. Do you care about getting hands-on support, technical advice or intense training? Would you like your project to join our public MPS build infrastructure? Please, let us know through our Partnership form! We’re eager to help you achieve your goals.

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