Supported languages


Benefit from Swift support in AppCode that includes parsing, completion and highlighting for Swift statements, refactorings, powerful debugging, and more.


AppCode supports all the latest additions for Objective-C including nullability annotations, __kindof definitions and generic classes.


AppCode natively supports C, and C++, including modern C++ standards, libc++ and Boost. Take advantage of code completion, all navigation features, and coding features like refactorings, find usages and code generation.


AppCode fully supports JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS and Markdown, including all code editing and transformation features like syntax highlighting, analysis, completion, navigation and refactoring. All Emmet features are also supported in AppCode.

Shell Script

If you need to edit shell scripts while you are working on your project, you can do this with AppCode as it bundles the Shell Script plugin.

You can benefit from code highlighting, word and path completion, and even textual Rename.


A plugin for YAML, famous data serialization standard, is bundled and is on by default in AppCode. Support for other languages can also be added via plugins (go to Appearance and Behavior | Plugins to find out more or set them up during the first IDE launch).