What's New in AppCode 2019.1

Swift 5 support, Move Statement for Swift, correct resolve for Core Data and Intents generated sources, the ability to attach to device process, application language and region support, and faster incremental builds are here in AppCode 2019.1!


AppCode 2019.1 comes with Swift 5 support including dynamic callables, raw text literals, identity keypath, and more.

Go To Declaration

Go To Declaration

Place the caret before the parentheses to jump to the class declaration when using Go To Declaration (⌘B or ⌘Click) with initializers. To jump to the initializer declaration, place the caret inside the parentheses.

Multiline strings

Multiline Strings

Convert string literals to multiline strings simply by pressing .

Move Statement

Move Statement

Move loops, switches, conditional statements, methods, functions, and other statements using the Move Statement Up / Down action (⇧⌘↑/).


The Rename refactoring now works correctly for super and overridden methods.

Code Resolution

Generated project sources from DerivedSources directory (such as CoreData models and Intents) are now resolved, SourceKit inspections work correctly, and lots of false errors and warnings are gone.


Naming conventions

Naming Conventions

AppCode now respects your preferred naming scheme for Objective-C/C/C++. The selected settings will be used in code completion, code generation, refactorings, and quick-fixes. Select from the predefined schemes, or configure your style manually in Preferences | Editor | Code Style | C/C++/Objective-C | Naming Convention.

Run and Debug

Attach to device process

Attach to device process

Attach to the remote process on an iOS device using Run | Attach to Process.

Application language and region

Application language and region

Change the application language and region on the Options pane in the Edit configurations… dialog.

Run to Cursor

Run to Cursor

Click on the line number when debugging your application to Run to Cursor.

Mute variables

Mute variables

Mute variables in the Debug tool window to step over faster, and load them only if and when necessary.


We have fixed several issues in Xcode integration and now incremental builds are fast again.

IDE themes

Thanks to the IntelliJ platform team, AppCode now supports custom IDE themes. Download one of the themes from our plugin repository or make your own!

Recent Locations

Recent locations

View code locations visited recently as code snippets by using the new Recent Locations dialog (⇧⌘E). To view recently changed code locations, press the same shortcut twice.

Version Control

Swap sides in Diff view

Diff view

Easily swap sides in the Diff view when using Compare with…, Compare with the clipboard, or Open Blank Diff actions.

Partial commits

Partial commits

Use a single checkbox to include or exclude all code lines from a partial commit.

Fixup and Squash

Create fixup! and squash! commits right from the Git Log context menu.