What's New in AppCode 2019.3

Faster code completion, highlighting, and navigation, support for Swift function builders, property wrappers and opaque result types, a whole heap of new Swift intentions, and reworked build Messages tool window are here in AppCode 2019.3.


AppCode 2019.3 extends its Swift 5.1 support, covering Swift function builders, opaque result types, and more features from the latest standard.

Split / Join Intentions

Split / Join Intentions

Save time coding thanks to a new family of split / join intentions for Swift:

  • Split / join variable declaration and assignment
  • Split variable declarations with multiple elements
  • Split / join nested if/else statements
  • Merge / split conditions within a single if
Flip / Invert / De Morgan's Laws

Flip / Invert / De Morgan's Laws Intentions

Another set of Swift intentions is here to handle binary expressions and comparisons:

  • Flip comparisons and binary expressions
  • Invert if statements
  • Apply De Morgan's Laws

Code Generation

We’ve added two new options to help you generate Swift code: Prefer Void over () and Prefer explicit return. Find them in Editor | Code Style | Swift | Code Generation | General.

Code Formatting

New useful options for code formatting are here in Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Swift | Wrapping and Braces | Keep when reformatting:

  • Keep simple property blocks with willSet/didSet on one line (Methods and functions in one line).
  • Keep empty type declarations on one line (Empty type declarations in one line).

Alternative Swift Toolchains

Are you working with the Swift Tensorflow toolchain or another custom Swift toolchain? We now correctly load all the code constructs for custom Swift toolchains and use them for building, running, debugging, and testing.

Build Messages

Build Messages

Dozens of UX issues have been fixed by reworking the Messages tree, which now shows the same information as Xcode does.

Build Messages progress bar

Know how much time your build will take with a deterministic progress bar.

Build Messages filter

Filter build messages the same way you do in Xcode, and with the same options: All Issues, Errors and Warnings, and Errors Only.


Resolve improvements are here, which means AppCode is a lot quicker to highlight the code, show code completion, and navigate.

We’ve boosted caching so that "Processing Swift Modules" should be much faster compared to previous AppCode versions.

Mac Catalyst Support

Code assistance, build, run, and debugging now work for Mac Catalyst projects.