What's New in AppCode 2020.2

AppCode 2020.2 is here with initial Swift Package Manager support, speed improvements for code completion, navigation, and highlighting, the Change Signature refactoring for Swift, a brand new Problems view and inspection widget, full support for GitHub pull requests, and more!

Swift Package Manager Support

SPM support

Initial Swift Package Manager support is here!

Open Xcode projects with SPM dependencies and benefit from general code assistance while you work with them.

Build, run and debug them, and have SPM dependencies displayed right in the Project view.

Change Signature

Change Signature

Easily change method signatures in the whole project with the new Change Signature (⌘F6) refactoring for Swift.

It allows you to change the order of parameters, edit internal and external parameter names, change method visibility, and more.


Code completion, highlighting, and navigation are all faster in general, thanks to reworked indexing and caching. In addition, lots of freezes that used to occur when reloading the project should now be eliminated.

Code Completion

Completion During Indexing

Completion for get, set, didSet, and willSet automatically jumps to the statement body.

Smart Completion

Smart completion now includes initializers.

Font Completion

Font completion works the same way it does for Objective-C.

Closure Completion

Code completion now offers trailing closures in the completion list.

SourceKit completion is now available even after indexing, and it is combined with AppCode completion to provide better results.


Inspections widget

Use the new inspection widget and brand new Problems view to find all the problems in the current file faster.

Navigate between errors by clicking on the arrow up/arrow down buttons.

GitHub pull-requests

GitHub pull-requests
Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues from the IntelliJ Platform team, AppCode 2020.2 brings full support for GitHub pull requests:
  • Simply click on a GitHub pull request to view its information in a dedicated view, which will display messages, branch names, author, assignee, timeline, and more.
  • View results for pre-commit checks directly in the pull request timeline.
  • Start a review, request reviews, attach comments, and submit reviews – all from within the IDE.
  • View and interact with comments, both commit-level and line-level.
  • Merge pull requests from within the IDE.