What's New in AppCode 2021.1

Standalone SPM projects, performance improvements, cross-resolve for the Kotlin/Native plugin, trusted projects, VCS improvements, and more.

Swift Package Manager

Standalone projects

Standalone Projects

Long-awaited support for pure SPM projects is here – same as in CLion!

AppCode now resolves all Objective-C entities in Swift packages.

Local SPM packages are now correctly processed.


We’ve decreased the time it takes to open large projects once the initial indexing and caching are finished.

Kotlin/Native Plugin

Kotlin/Native Plugin

Cross-resolve from Objective-C/Swift to Kotlin now works automatically and does not require rebuilding the project.

Swift on Windows in CLion

Swift on Windows

The Swift plugin for CLion now works with the Swift toolchain on Windows. Read this post for the full overview.

Trusted Projects

We’ve added the concept of trusted projects to AppCode to mitigate the risks associated with opening projects from unknown and untrusted sources. Read about them in this blog post.

Version Control

Profiles for Pre-commit Inspections

Profiles for Pre-commit Inspections

AppCode can inspect your code before you commit it to help you make sure there are no bugs. Choose a code inspection profile before committing changes to VCS – click the gear icon to display the commit options, select the Analyze code checkbox, click Choose profile, and select the desired profile.

Git Commit Templates

You can create a custom commit message template in Git, and AppCode will display this text as an initial commit message.

Save to Shelf

A new Save to Shelf action allows you to copy your changes to the Shelf while keeping them in the local changes. You can access this action by pressing ⇧⌘A and typing Save to Shelf.

Learn more about other VCS improvements across all IntelliJ-based products.


  • With the new typography settings, fine-tune the weight of your main and bold font styles in Preferences | Editor | Fonts.
  • Whenever several tabs that split the editor vertically are open, you can double-click any of them to maximize the editor window for that specific tab. To bring the window back to its original size, simply double-click it again.