What's New in AppCode 2021.2

Swift 5.4 support, completion for documentation tags and code statements, Call Hierarchy for Swift, improved debugger, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for AppCode, and more!


AppCode 2021.2 supports result builders, async/await, and other recent Swift 5.4 additions.

Documentation Tags

Documentation tags

AppCode now shows completion for common documentation tags in Swift.

Complete Statement

Complete Statement

You can now complete if, else, switch, and other typical statements with ⇧⌘⏎.

Call Hierarchy

Call Hierarchy

See the hierarchy of your function calls or method calls in the Call Hierarchy tool window.

Swift Package Manager

Build settings

Run and debug your SPM projects without waiting for the indexing to finish.

headerSearchPath, define, linkLibrary and other new build settings from SE-0238 proposal are now supported in AppCode.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Plugin for AppCode

KMM for AppCode

Use the new Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for AppCode to develop your KMM projects faster, and benefit from Objective-C/Swift in Gradle projects and cross-language code assistance.

Preview Tab for Debugger

Preview Tab for Debugger

Enable the Preview tab and have a single editor for files opened during stepping.

Text Search in Local History

Text Search in Local History

Easily locate the point from where you’d like to restore your project with text search in Local History.

Localization Packs

Starting from this version, you can enjoy the fully localized UI of AppCode in Chinese (Simplified), Korean, and Japanese. Localization is available as non-bundled language pack plugins, which can be easily installed in your IDE. More than 1.5 million users started using the partially localized EAP version of our language packs.