What's New in AppCode 2021.3

AppCode 2021.3 introduces support for Swift actors, multi-keyword completion, improved documentation support, a full-featured property list editor, error breakpoints, and more!


Swift actors are now fully supported in AppCode.


You can complete two code constructs at a time, including these three combinations:
  • Compiler conditions and their arguments
  • if/guard and let keywords
  • The case keyword and the enumeration case name


Render documentation comments in your code as plain text simply by pressing ⌃⌥Q.

AppCode will update your documentation when performing refactorings. In addition, you can easily find function parameter usages even in documentation comments.

Keep your documentation up-to-date thanks to the inspection for undocumented parameters.

Property list editor

Property list editor

Use AppCode’s full-featured property list editor to perform all the essential actions, like adding a key or modifying its value, switching from the table representation of a .plist file to pure text editing, and more.


Place Swift error breakpoints by selecting the corresponding option in the breakpoint settings.

Evaluate expressions right in the debugger tool window and easily add them to watches.



See all the bookmarks in your code in the Bookmarks tool window.

Version Control

Version Control

Use Push All up to Here from the Git Log to push the commits you’re confident about, while keeping others local.