What's New in AppCode 2022.1

AppCode 2022.1 brings support for async sequences, #if for postfix member expressions, isolation control specifiers for Swift actors, improvements for Swift Package Manager integration, better VoiceOver support, and more.


AppCode 2022.1 supports async sequences, #if for postfix member expressions, and isolation control specifiers for Swift actors.

Swift Package Manager

Swift Package Manager

Update Swift Package Manager dependencies to the latest version using Tools | Swift Package Manager | Update Dependencies.

Build artifacts from the .swiftpm directory no longer appear in full-text search since AppCode now excludes them automatically.

Code formatting

Easily find formatting problems with a new project-wide inspection.

Force adding a space after // when reformatting your Swift code, by using the new option in Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Swift | Comment Code.



The new Notifications tool window makes notifications more visible and keeps them better organized.


VoiceOver support was significantly improved in AppCode 2022.1. The screen reader now reads the names and descriptions of Git branches in the Log tab and provides a voice prompt to use ⌘L to navigate through log filters.

Version control

Hover over the annotation when using the Annotate with Git Blame action to highlight the line diff right in the editor window. Click on it to show the corresponding commit in the Git Log tool window.

Apply or commit suggested changes right from the comments for a particular pull request.