What’s New in AppCode 2.1

AppCode 2.1 is a general performance and stability update focused on speeding up the IDE and comes with:

  • Background indexing and indexing optimisation.
  • Code generation and refactorings improvements.

Warnings suppression

AppCode 2.1 also introduces new feature - when you want to hide a warning from inspection in a particular part of your code like a statement, method or a file, you can do it from the popup you get when pressing Alt+Enter.

Warnings Suppression

What’s New in AppCode 2.0

Unit Testing

AppCode 2.0 features full-fledged support for popular Kiwi testing framework. To let you get the best from test-driven development approach with Kiwi tests AppCode provides a convenient Kiwi specs tree and allows you to navigate from the tree to the source code.

Naturally, you can run 1 spec, or all specs the same way as with OCUnit tests.

Additionally unit testing support is enhanced with the ability to easily navigate between a test and related class with a single shortcut: Cmd+Shift+T.

goto Test

kiwi Tests


To make your development environment even more comfortable, AppCode 2.0 integrates with two popular documentation browsers: Dash and Ingredients.
To enable integration, simply choose one of these tools under Preferences | External Documentation.
Moreover, you can now use RESTful web services console that is available from the Tools menu.

External Documentation


AppCode 2.0 yet again brings a number of easy-to-use code transformation options helping you improve code structure in reliable and safe manner.
Now you can easily create a copy/clone any class or file, move a class, member or a namespace be it Objective-C or C++ one to a new location, extract superclass/subclass/file, pull members up or push members down.

Rename refactoring has been improved and allows to rename unresolved references and bind them to declarations. Moreover, Extract Protocol and Extract Category were reworked to provide more convenient workflow.

You can now also convert any instance variable to a property and vice versa.

Pull Members Up

Code Generation

To boost your productivity even further and save you more time, AppCode 2.0 allows to generate some of the common code structures automatically. Using Cmd+N you can now automatically add:

  • -isEqual: and -hash
  • -description
  • -copyWithZone:
  • -initWithCoder: and -encodeWithCoder:
Encode With Coder

Plus, you can surround code with -respondsToSelector:.
We have further improved popular Override/Implement dialog to work with C++ classes, namespaces and top-level functions.

Code Quality

More than 2000 code inspections and error diagnostics from Clang compiler are now displayed right in the editor, and are available through Code | Inspect Code action. The inspections runner is now able to show the issues from Clang Analyzer.


Coding assistance

In AppCode 2.0 code completion has been enhanced with two neat features. First of all, you can now use middle matching, which means that even if you type the middle part of a symbol, AppCode will be able to find and complete it anyways. Second, code completion now works even for font names.

Debugger and Execution

AppCode 2.0 bundles new LLDB debugger, and shows Code Data object renderers right in the debugger.

Core Data

Exception stack traces in console are now linked to actual code.


Device Support

Not only AppCode now has faster device startup due to a number of optimizations, it also allows to run tests or Instruments on device.


Improved VCS Support

  • Cherry-pick now provides a commit dialog.
  • Compare folders from history, compare folders with branches.
  • Filter commits by dates and mark in Git Log.
  • Other performance and usability improvements.
  • Repository view was added.
  • Show All Affected Paths is available from History and Annotations.
  • You can now view and resolve tree conflicts.
  • Added ability to edit descriptions for existing commits.


Naturally AppCode 2.0 comes with full Xcode support. It also introduces bundled XPath support and a new Analyze Crash Report action.


IdeaVim Plugin Improvements

There is nothing more constant than our habits and nothing more painful than breaking them down. For those who used to Vim, IdeaVim plugin was significantly improved with the following features:

  • string object selection motions are added;
  • support for paste from register in command mode is available now;
  • the last change position mark is supported;
  • key bindings for pasting into command line are added.

Fresh Look and Feel

AppCode 2.0 as all other IntelliJ-based products comes with a fresh look and feel, and Darcula, a new dark UI theme for IDE and the editor.

If you're a happy owner of a new MacBook, feast your eyes on a set of new Retina-adapted icons.