Omea Pro has features that enable you to find information on your PC, very fast.

Dynamic Content Indexing

At the heart of Omea Pro's lightning-fast search capabilities is its dynamic content engine that indexes the information resources on your computer just as Internet search engines index web content. With Omea Pro, however, you control what content gets indexed and when.

What's the big deal about indexing? Think of the index to an encyclopedia. If you wanted to find every reference to Antarctica, it would take forever to leaf through all the volumes. But since the index contains all the references, you save tons of time by going directly to each reference, skipping the volumes and pages that have none.

Omea Pro gives you the same capability with electronic resources on your PC. If you want find references to "boss" and "moron", Omea Pro checks its index (constantly updated!) for these terms. If they exist, it returns a list of all resources that contain the references regardless of what kind they are: documents, e-mails, instant message conversations, news articles, feed posts... whatever. And because the indexing engine is highly efficient, the results come back fast.

Four Levels of Search

Your goal is not to search, but to find, isn't it? A product's search features are only as good as the usefulness of the results. Many products have search capability, but it often amounts to a "one-size-fits-all" proposition. When it comes to finding what you need in hundreds of megabytes of information stored in different formats, one-size search just doesn't cut it. That's why Omea Pro comes with no less than 4 levels of search:

  • Basic: Fast searching of all resources
  • Advanced: Customizable, optionally reusable searches as simple or complex as you need
  • Resource-specific: Search to a specific resource type- local files or emails, for example
  • In-resource: Find text in the resource you are currently viewing