Omea Pro helps you to efficiently handle different types of incoming information, whether you decide to:

Respond & act

Sometimes you need to respond to incoming information with immediate action. With Omea Pro you can respond in several ways, all without switching programs:

  • Reply to or forward email messages
  • Send copies of resources to other people
  • Create or respond to newsgroup articles, optionally uploading attachments
  • Post comments to your own weblog (requires third-party weblog posting extension plugins).


Every good manager knows the value of delegating, and Omea Pro helps you do that when you need to.

  • Send copies of any resources to others
  • Create Tasks and send them to other Omea Pro users complete with deadline, reminder, and any relevant resources including contact information.

Defer & track

Sometimes the only thing you need to do with incoming information is to put it aside for later. The trick then is not to forget about it and come back to it in a timely way, and to be able to find the information when it's time to deal with it. Omea Pro helps you with such features as Rules that can automate filing of resources into Categories, Flags to mark items needing attention, and Tasks which can be set up to remind you to handle them at some future time.