Omea Pro is unparalleled as an information organizer. It has specially designed features that help you...

  • File incoming information in ways that are meaningful to you
  • Automate routine filing and other information management tasks
  • Associate resources in ways that help you
  • Augment/Enhance the usefulness of your information resources


How do you file information on your PC now? In Windows folders, right? In a file system whose structure is geared to the requirements of the machine, not to what makes sense for the way you work.

For example, suppose you have folders for 2 customers. What if you receive a document that's relevant to your work with both of them? Tough luck! You either file it in one folder and force yourself to remember that it's relevant to 2 things, or you end up with 2 copies that can easily get out of sync. And then what about emails or instant messages from these customers? You can't file them in your customer folders at all!

Omea Pro changes all this. Without losing track of your already familiar folders in Windows and Outlook™, you can use Omea Pro to file and organize your stuff in ways that make sense to you, and which support the way you work.


Omea Pro has several features to automate filing of incoming resources, automate access to frequently-needed subsets of your information, and alert you about deadlines or important incoming items.


Omea has a number of features that enable you to quickly set up meaningful relationships and associations between different information resources of the same or different type.


Omea provides several features that augment or enhance the usefulness of different resources. These include: