Omea provides the convenience and efficiency of reading almost any type of electronic content in a single, easy to use application:


You can use Omea Pro to both read and send email. Your messages are automatically synchronized with MS Outlook™. Omea uses an independent data view, so you never have to worry about losing anything from Outlook. You can switch back and forth, or revert entirely to Outlook email any time.


Omea Pro comes with its own built-in newsgroup reader. This full-featured reader enables you to both read and post to newsgroups (including attachments). You can easily view single articles or entire threads.

In addition to "regular" news reader features, you can use the full range of Omea Pro's organizing and search features with newsgroup content ( including attachments), and take advantage of handy automatically-created links to related resources.

Instant Messages

Omea Pro enables you to read message histories from supported instant messaging (IM) programs (currently ICQ and Miranda). Omea Pro automatically groups IM messages into conversations according to options that you specify.

As with other types of resource, you can use the full range of organizing and search features with instant message conversations.

RSS & Atom Feeds

Keep your fingers on the pulse of an industry, global conversation, or key segment automatically with RSS Technology. When you subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds, you receive the freshest information about your topics of interest.

You can create Feed Groups (similar to folders) to organize your feeds to keep related feeds together, or whatever scheme you prefer.

Feed content is another type of indexed resource, so you can use the full range of Omea Pro's organizing and search features with it.

Favorite Web Pages

Omea Pro enables you to view your favorite web pages locally on your PC, checking and updating them according to your preferences. The content is indexed so you can organize and find information just as you can with other resource types in Omea Pro.

You decide which pages to view in Omea Pro by creating Bookmarks for them. You can optionally import existing bookmarks from Microsoft Internet Explorer™ (Favorites), any Mozilla browser and Opera™. You can export new bookmarks you create in Omea Pro back to Internet Explorer™, Mozilla and Firefox.

Local Documents & Files

You can read common document and file types and view common image formats right in Omea Pro... no need to switch programs. This is especially handy for files and images attached to emails or news articles. You can also send files to others or print them without leaving the Omea Pro environment.

You decide which file system folders you want to make available in Omea Pro, and you can explicitly exclude any folder (a temp folder, for example).