Omea Pro Usage Scenarios : Marketing Professional

Michael Show is a one-man marketing machine for a mid-sized tech company. He's surrounded by engineers and developers, so he's working to bring a sense of marketing leadership to the organization. To do this, he has to be extremely organized, and carry the load of a marketing team, on his own. He divides his time between research, planning, explaining his plans to management, and executing them. If he can save time researching and planning, then the whole process speeds up, and he can look like a hero once the sales start escalating.

Some of his responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining contact with customers for focused interviews and support
  • Debating "whole product" issues with the development team via ICQ
  • Emailing, Emailing, Emailing...
  • Writing strategy, web content, and press releases in MS Word
  • Creating segmentation presentations in Powerpoint
  • Building budgets and reports in Excel
  • Listening to customer feedback and the tech teams' support on the Newsgroups
  • Market Research on the web and in the blogosphere with Internet Explorer and RSS feeds (he especially likes to track every mention of his product with Technorati Watchlists and BlogPulse's Searches, delivered via RSS)

Organize all information by relevance to job functions.

This means that he always knows where his task-specific information is, and doesn't need to look in a variety of programs, even if he's using email, word files, an RSS feed, and Instant Message conversations with a team member to complete the task. It's all in the same Category in Omea. He setup a few Categories to track his advertising inquiries, press relations, product development strategies, market research, competition, and user feedback, and he can create more anytime he wants. He can even automate a category so that anytime he receives information with a keyword like <insert your competitors' name here>, Omea assigns it automatically.

Having all his information in one environment means that he doesn't need to look in different programs for key information. When he needs a specific fact, he uses Omea's search function to find it (instead of trying to remember which folder, file, and program he last saw it in). This means that he doesn't lose his train of thought when he's writing strategy or press releases, and he can find the exact technical wording that he needs from his previous Instant Message discussions with the Tech Team.

He also likes having his research come to him, instead of scouring the web for it. Marketing tactics, target market information, competitor's actions, industry trends, and user's responses are all available via websites, emails, and RSS, but before Omea, it was difficult to manage it all. Michael isn't afraid to subscribe to every interesting email newsletter anymore, because he knows that it will all be sorted neatly into relevant categories, and anything that mentions his specific keywords will be given special attention. He also uses RSS feeds from trusted sources like the New York Times, his industry's e-zines, and his competition for product announcements, trends, and signs of weakness. It's all delivered and organized, so he stays up-to-date and saves time in one shot.

His email, contacts, and tasks are synchronized with MS Outlook, and his favorite webpages are all synchronized with Internet Explorer and Firefox, so he always has the most recent information at hand. It's all ready for him from the moment he begins using Omea Pro.

Michael can organize and search all his information, from the programs that he uses on a regular basis, within one Information Environment, so he always has key facts at his fingertips. He saves time looking for relevant research, because it comes to him from trusted sources, and he saves time writing strategy, because he doesn't lose his train of thought looking for facts. Executing his plans with a careful eye for detail is even easier, because every resource and contact relating to his projects is in an organized category. Michael is a one-man marketing machine, and he's more efficient than a large marketing team.

Thanks to Omea Pro.

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