How You Can Contribute

Contributing to the Code

If you want to contribute to the code, go to GitHub and check out the latest version and follow the instructions on how to build Kotlin from source. After that, you can start picking some pending tasks on the issue tracker. Make sure you look for issues tags with Up For Grabs as these are some of the easier ones to get started with.

Contributing to the Documentation or Web Site

We need a lot more documentation. If you’re interested in collaborating, please feel free to check out the source code to this site on GitHub and send a Pull Request. The site is built using Markdown and Jekyll.

Contributing with Tutorials or Videos

Have you created a tutorial or video on Kotlin? Please let us know. We’d be more than happy to have it featured under Community Content.


If you’ve given or are giving presentations on Kotlin, let us know. We’ll feature it on the list.

Kotlin-x Projects and Community Projects

Kotlin ships with a very small runtime and it’s the aim to keep it that way. We believe other functionality that is missing from the standard runtime library can be developed as Kotlin Contributions under the Kotlin-X umbrella or as individual projects by community members. If you have a library that you think others might find useful, let us know. If you want to contribute to any of the existing ones, check them out.


You are welcome to translate the Kotlin documentation into your own language and to publish your translation on your Web site. However, note that we will not be able to host your translation in this repository and to publish it on This site is the official documentation for the language, and we need to be able to ensure that all the information here is correct and up-to-date. Doing this with a language that no one on the team speaks isunfortunately not feasible at this time.

Spread the Word

Kotlin is a new language but we have high hopes for it and we need people that believe in it to spread the word!