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The learning platform you can rely on

Fine-tuned to your needs

No matter what industry you’re in or what size your company is, JetBrains Academy for Organizations is well equipped to meet your needs. Its scalable system, ease of access, and intuitive interface will suit a variety of organizations – from non-profits to universities, and from small businesses to enterprises.

High-quality learning experience

We create high-quality learning content in collaboration with industry experts. To make sure this content is not only useful, but also clear and fun, we listen to feedback from our learners and rework it until we’re sure it's ready. In addition, each topic passes several stages of testing to ensure no bugs or typos are missed.

Professional customer support

You can rest easy knowing you'll receive top-notch support in addition to the detailed documentation available to help learners get used to the platform. If you ever experience an issue, send us an email and our customer support will make sure to provide a solution in a quick and helpful manner.

Features for productive education

220+ interactive projects

Make sure your team can use their knowledge in real life with a project-based approach to learning. With hands-on projects of various proficiency levels, learners will study the necessary theory and apply it in practice by creating fully functional applications.

Personalized study plan

Ensure each member of your organization gets the advantage of personalized learning with a study plan tailored to their skills and needs. Divided into several stages of increasing complexity, it helps learners gradually expand their knowledge without getting overwhelmed.

Management dashboards

Keep track of each student’s progress and review their metrics so you can understand how effectively your team is learning. Comply with privacy policies by giving learners the ability to share their statistics or keep them confidential.

Integration with JetBrains IDEs

Offer the full development experience to your team with JetBrains IDEs, which facilitate the learning process in programming by providing smart coding assistance. At the same time, learners will work with professional tools, which is a must for future developers.

Knowledge map

Provide learners with an overview of the learning content to see how all of the topics are connected. They'll gain a better understanding of what they've done and what still needs to be learned in order to round out their knowledge.

Instant feedback

Ensure your team receives their feedback in no time. With JetBrains Academy for Organizations, learners have their code tested immediately in JetBrains IDEs or via their browser, regardless of where they study.

Certificate of completion

Keep your team motivated through the learning process by providing personalized certificates of completion once they finish their tracks.

Single sign-on

Have your team get straight to learning and avoid potential password issues by using your corporate accounts to log into the platform.

Discussion feed

Make sure your team has support from the entire learning community whenever they feel like they are stuck with a task. Learners can also give others a hand by answering their questions or solving the task together.

What our learners say

“When preparing for the technical interview, I decided to focus solely on JetBrains Academy. It had everything I needed to learn Python. I leveraged this knowledge to pass the job interview for a Software Tester position at Nokia.”

Wojtek Ślusarczyk, Python Core student

“As someone transitioning into tech, I’ve learned more about Java and OOP concepts with JetBrains Academy and this has greatly helped me succeed in my classes! I wish I had known about it earlier – this is such a lifesaver.”

Joviane Bellegarde, Java Developer student

“Learning with JetBrains Academy brings me closer to achieving my goal – solving problems for doctors through AI. The fact that I can do this through a project-based approach, where I can “get my hands dirty” with the code, makes me want to learn programming more.”

Andrei Maftei, Python Core student

Unlimited yearly access to learning for your team

Get unlimited yearly access for members of your organization and a free owner account to manage your team.

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