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Learn how to deliver the best possible code with JetBrains code analysis. Use our 3,000+ inspections in and out of your IDE and CI/CD pipeline to find and fix security issues, performance concerns, and coding bad practices.

Why is code analysis needed?

The influx of AI-generated code, an ever-evolving threat landscape, and the push for shorter release cycles can jeopardize code quality. All of these factors dictate the need for continuous and accurate code analysis to help development teams spot and fix code issues early on so they can consistently deliver readable, maintainable and secure code.

Explore the full power of JetBrains code analysis

With Inspectopedia, we provide transparent insight into all the JetBrains code checks that you can use locally in our IDEs or in your CI/CD pipeline. We openly share our static analysis rules, code samples, fix guidance, and explanations to help you and your team deliver your best code – and do it consistently.

Language-specific checks

Security inspections

Vulnerability reports

Version incompatibility reports

Structural search enquiries

And many more!

Analyze your code against these inspections in your IDE or CI pipeline

Raise the bar for code quality at every stage of your development life cycle.

JetBrains IDEs

Scan your code against these inspections with linters in your favorite code editor.

JetBrains Qodana

Run linters as part of your CI workflow – enforce unified code quality standards for your entire team.