Scala IDE

Unlock the Scala IDE

Install the Scala plugin in IntelliJ IDEA, either from JetBrains Marketplace or from the Plugins tab in your IDE preferences.

Intelligent Scala support

IntelliJ IDEA bolsters your Scala workflow with JetBrains-quality language support and a familiar IDE experience.

IntelliJ IDEA with the Scala plugin


IntelliJ IDEA with the Scala plugin provides you with all the features you would expect from a full-blown Scala IDE and much more.

Inlay hints

The Scala plugin follows you as you build your chain of expressions from smaller blocks, displaying the result type at each step and highlighting how it still differs from the declaration type.


Experimenting with worksheets is a breeze. You can either create a worksheet from scratch or put one in an existing codebase and import your code. You will have access to all the standard actions and inspections, code completion, quick-fixes, etc.

Hint popup: Ambiguous implicits for parameter pc: ProjectContext

Implicit parameters

Anytime you need to use an implicit parameter but there is no implicit declaration of a matching type in the scope, the Scala plugin will highlight the error and suggest a way to fix it.

Hint popup: Replace .drop and .take with .slice

Collections inspections

The Scala plugin highlights and provides quick-fixes for collection transformations that could be simplified or replaced with more performant ones.


Compilation charts

Your optimization potential is now visible at a glance. When the compilation time is longer than expected, you can open the Chart tab in the Build tool window and let the Scala plugin help you find the bottleneck.


Code generation

Save time on typing by letting the Scala plugin complete your code for you. Choose a method signature from the menu, add missing fields, import unresolved elements, or insert code templates you use frequently.


X-Ray mode

With X-Ray mode, you can keep inlay hints and other additional information turned off or only partially enabled. When you hold down the Ctrl /Cmd key, the inlay hints will appear, disappearing again when you let go.