PhpStorm 9.0.0 Help

Using Help Topics

Documentation structure

PhpStorm documentation gas the following structure:

Getting Started
Basic concepts
The Basic concepts part contains information about the notions that underlie the PhpStorm functionality.
Product Usage Guidelines
The PhpStorm Usage Guidelines part provides descriptions of the actions required to fulfil certain common tasks with PhpStorm. Note that the part page contains an alphabetical index of all the available task descriptions.
Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines
The Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines part provides important prerequisites, enabling procedures, meta procedures of working with the various frameworks, and gives some details for performing specific tasks.
In the Reference part you can find descriptions of the tool windows, dialog controls, lists of the keyboard shortcuts, information related to specific version control systems etc.

Online documentation

On the PhpStorm site, find online documentation:

PhpStorm web help

The online help makes it possible to find entries in the table of contents, browse documentation with the table of contents, rate topics, ask question and express your opinion. The layout of online documentation consists of:

Table of contents pane

This pane shows the table of contents.

  • Use this pane to browse through the topics.
  • Click hide_toc button to show or hide this pane.
  • If for some reason your browser fails to show actual table of contents, refresh the page.

Topics pane

This pane shows the topic that is currently selected in the table of contents.

  • In the Keymap drop-down list, choose the platform you want to view keyboard shortcuts in (Windows/Linux, OS X etc.)

Finding a piece of information in the table of contents

  1. Switch to the Table of contents pane.
  2. In the Search PhpStorm help field, type your query.
  3. Press Enter.

    The table contents shrinks to show the search results. Click the desired entry to show the corresponding page in the Topic pane.

Last modified: 7 August 2015