PhpStorm 2.1 — Take PHP by Storm

PHPDoc @var annotations

Now support Netbeans/Zend style (single-asterisk), along with the ability to put it after actual initialization. It will further improve collaboration for teams using different IDEs simultaneously.

'Extract Function/Method' refactoring for PHP

The point of this refactoring is to convert a part of a larger function/method into a new function/method. This might be useful if you need to make your code easier to understand or reuse a specific code fragment. See example...

HTML tag tree highlighting

A new code highlighting feature makes it easier to work with large and complex HTML files, with a nested tags structure:

htaccess support

Support for ".htaccess" Apache config files:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Completion for common htaccess-directive names
  • Quick documentation lookup
  • and more...

Easier to Use Completion Techniques

Don't bother pressing Shift anymore: the improved code completion will understand you perfectly and quickly provide the matches you need.

And from now on, PHP completion will complete class names from other namespaces, inserting the fully qualified name. You may need to invoke completion manually to get them in the completion list.

More Comfort with Version Control

  • TODO items verification on VCS commit
  • Import patches into WebStorm shelf
  • Misc. improvements for all supported VCS

Phing support

PhpStorm automatically completes and checks standard tags, properties, target names, path attribute values in build files:

Initial Twig support

Directory Comparison, Image Comparison & DB Diff

We know how important it is to track what has been changed in your project. This is why we bring you new Diff Tools for comparing local directories, images and DB objects (Data Sources, Schemes, Tables).

New Inspections

  • Silly assignments
  • Illegal type of array key
  • Inconsistent return points and more...

HAML support bundled

Syntax highlighting and auto-indenting

Reworked Search/Replace

A more convenient, non-modal Replace UI introduced with an instant preview regular expression replace.

JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome

JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome

The Debugger for Chrome supports all features of the JavaScript debugger for Firefox: breakpoints, inspecting local variables, evaluating expressions, etc.

JavaScript Change Signature

Change Signature refactoring added to JavaScript. Quickly rename, reorder function parameters, add new parameters or remove existing ones.